About Healing - Only Believe!

Our God is a GOOD God so we know that He will always do His part. But, our fears and resultant doubt can mean that we miss out on the good that He has for us. God works with us in order to do His will here on earth so WE can stop or delay the things that God wants to do in our lives.

Mark 9:22-24 The spirit has often thrown him into fire and into water to destroy him. But if you are able to do anything, have pity on us and help us!" Jesus said to him, "'If you are able?' Everything is possible for the person who believes!" With tears flowing, the child's father at once cried out, "I do believe! Help my unbelief!"

The interesting thing is that there will be no quotes from the bible of where God said NO to a request that was in line with His will. And the whole point of the bible is to show you what is the will of God so that we pray accordingly

If we listen to and believe evil reports we will not get the blessings that God has in store for us to access by faith.

Deuteronomy 7:17 "If you say in your heart, 'These nations are greater than I. How can I (God)  dispossess them?' 

The children of Israel stopped God from giving them the promised land when He wanted to do so because they believed the evil reports of the 10 spies that the people living there were too powerful.  They themselves delayed the blessing by 40 years. We can be swayed by others to fall into doubt about God's good plans for us also if we listen to evil reports about God and that could delay OUR blessings.

Our God is a GOOD God. Trust Him. Faith is what pleases God. Faith is what accesses God's grace.

Best wishes for Grace and the Peace of Jesus.

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