Goodness And Loving-Kindness!

Every day that we submit our lives to following the plan of God for us, our soul (mind, intellect, conscience and emotions), the inner self, is being transformed to be like Jesus. We are gaining in inner stability and learning to appreciate the love we have from God as we live 'In Christ'.

We are also continually helped by God in all our day to day physical encounters in the world. King David knew this and having been a shepherd he saw how God looks after us just like a 'Good Shepherd' looks after His sheep.

In Psalm 23 David expands on this thought and shows how the comparison is borne out in the life of the sheep. In verse 6 for instance, we read this...

Psalm 23:6 Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

In the original Hebrew the verse more has the meaning of, "Goodness and Loving-Kindness will chase after me and hunt me down, all the days of my life!" It's like the Good Shepherd has two sheep-dogs called "Goodness" and "Loving-Kindness" who are always on our heels looking after us and keeping us safe!

You can use your own analogy but use whatever you prefer to remember that God has only GOOD in mind for His Children and that "Goodness" and "Loving-Kindness" are always near to answer your call!

Best wishes for Grace and the Peace of Jesus.


Another thought...

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