The Young Jesus

When we think of Jesus in reference to this time of the year we think of Him as a baby, cute and needing protection, nurturing and to be provided with gifts. The bible accounts actually concentrate on His diety, kingship and that at every step of His life He was fulfilling prophesy in fulfilling God's plan for mankind.

Take the incident of Jesus in the Temple when He was about twelve.

Luke 2:45-47 And when they did not find Him, they turned back to Jerusalem, seeking Him. And it happened that after three days they found Him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the teachers, both hearing them and questioning them. And all who heard Him were astonished at His understanding and answers.

The Gospel reading above shows us another aspect of God's plan and how Jesus even at an early age was modelling what the life of a Christian should be like. Around the age when Jewish boys are “Barmitzahed” Jesus was attending the Temple of His own free will and because of His love for God. It's an example for all children because we know that when He did this Jesus grew in favour with both God and men!

What other things can we learn from Jesus' example? Jesus was in the Temple asking questions of the Ministers, Rabbis, wise men and priests. He would have taken time to talk with His peer group of course; children of His own age; but He was personally interested in learning about the things of God from those with good knowledge and experience.

Jesus was learning from them but it's interesting to note that the bible records that “they” were amazed at His understanding and His answers. Did you notice that? To all the youth in the congregation it should be an inspiration. You can have such understanding and knowledge and revelation of God that many will be amazed by your understanding and your answers to problems.

These will not just be to bible topics because God gives us answers for all questions that come into our lives. And if you want a good starting point for learning the wisdom of God then take time to read God's manual and His wisdom literature. . As an example just read a chapter of proverbs every morning before you go off to school or college and then pray for God's protection throughout your day and SEE how God will give you wisdom beyond your years and help in every situation when you listen for His advice.

Our God is a good god!

Another thing to notice is that Jesus was submissive to His parents at all times. The scriptures tell us to “Honour our Mother and father”, and Jesus always did. Some people without knowledge of God think that Jesus “talked back” to His mother Mary when He said, "Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my Father's house?"

Jesus was not talking back. He was simply answering her question with what as a “Child of God" he thought they would have realised. It shows His surprise that they did not realise where He would be! If He wasn't with some of His earthly family, what other family member would He be hanging around with?

But to emphasise the point that Jesus was always submissive the bible tells us in verse 51...

Luke 2:51 And he went down with them and came to Nazareth and was submissive to them. And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart.

Now these are not just examples for the youth. This is for adults also. If we were having a conversation with others and it got around to matters of Christian living and God's word, would we be able to speak words of wisdom so that people were amazed at our understanding and at our answers? All of us should be dipping into our manual (the bible) every day and after proverbs we should move on to other wisdom literature, the letters of Paul for instsnce, like Romans and Galatians and use our prayer time to draw close to God for His guidance and help through Holy Spirit.

Jesus died for us so that on accepting His sacrifice we can have access to everything that He has in His storehouse. We have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God's dear son.

We are already living under grace and as we learn about Jesus and see how He acted when He was on earth we will see and appreciate what we can do also, because Jesus said that we would do everything that He did and greater things also, IF we only believed.

Best wishes for Grace and The Peace of Jesus.


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