The Gospel in Genesis 5!

The genealogy in Genesis 5 can seem like boring stuff because the names of the people are not translated. On most occassions and with most languages this would be unimportant but Hebrew words contain their meaning. They are built up from roots with meanings not just having a phonetic representation of their pronunciation!

When we look at the meanings of these names, in order, this is what we find...

Adam              meaning 	Man (is)
Seth              "		Appointed
Enosh             "		Mortal
Kenan             "		Sorrow.
Mahalalel         "		The Blessed God
Jared             "		Shall come down
Enoch             "		Teaching
Methuselah        "		His (God's) death shall bring 
Lamech            "		The Despairing 
Noah              "		Comfort (or Rest).

It's interesting that if we read the meanings of the names in their order we find a copy of the Gospel hidden in these names; before Christ came! It's even before the flood.

I certainly think it's intertesting that God put prophesy even in the names of the patriarchs of Genesis 5. And, even while they knew the death of Methuselah would bring judgement; the righteous also knew that God had a plan to do them good; to provide a future and a hope.

Best wishes for grace and the peace of Jesus.


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