He Ate With Sinners.

This article is based on contemplating Matthew 26, verses 6-16, and is another in the series on what Jesus did during Holy Week.

When illustrates the point of the passage we can take it quite generally. We can use 'Ate' as meaning 'associated with' and that is useful as it shows the wide spread of truth that Jesus brought by His actions and His teaching.

He ate with Zacheus. This would have gone against the grain of all Pharisees. To eat with a tax collector!

But Jesus' answer was SIMPLE. The well do not need a physician, only the sick need one!

And, his conversion illustrated Jesus' point. He came to save the lost not the self-righteous! Or perhaps a better way to say it is that He came to save all the lost but the self-righteous don't think they have need of salvation.

Jesus ate with Simon the Pharisee but he let a woman, who was obviously to the onlookers a sinner, wash His feet with her tears and wipe them with her hair. Jesus knew their thoughts and pointed out that those who think that they are righteous don't have the same regard and love for God as the sinner who has repented and been forgiven. Those who have been forgiven much – love much!

When we (repentant sinners) do things for Jesus we should also not be surprised if others misconstrue our actions.

Do you remember the time that Mary broke an expensive alabaster bottle of perfume over Jesus' feet. The self-righteous elite would never have done this. They would say, 'Why didn't you give that money to the poor!'

In fact that is exactly what Judas said, but of course we know that like the corrupt leaders of the time, being the mission treasurer, Judas wanted to have access to the money so he could take his cut off the top! John 12:3-8

When things did not go Judas' way he decided to betray Jesus for one big score, “30 pieces of silver”! The Pharisees thought that this would be the end of Jesus, but could not have been more wrong!

Jesus used their machinations to bring about God's plans on God's schedule and he took the shame and punishment of us all to become our saviour.

And having accepted Jesus as our Lord and saviour we should not be ashamed to call Him Lord and as one who has been forgiven much, go on to love and serve Him much.

And no matter how the world sees it now, we know that with God there are blessings for ever more! For those who open the door to Him, He will come in and eat with ehem!