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JB's enterprises
Hair & Beauty - JB's Personal Beauty Offers JB's Hair & Beauty.
Plaiting & Weaving a Speciality!

JB's - Tops for Hair Dressing & Styling.
Look after the Outer as well as the Inner woman!!
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Time for a change - Develop the godly you
Anglican Communion in Dioces of Chelmsford TIME FOR A CHANGE?

Learn about developing a holistic approach to spiritual and mental wellbeing. There are opportunities to learn at a Resource Centre near you and courses to prepare you for a full and meaningful life into the future.
Don't lose a moment's time .....
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Avon Opportunity
Beauty & Cosmetics - JB's AVON MLM Opportunity AVON Networker.
Exciting Sales Leadership Programme.

Fast Start Bonuses.
Choose your own hours!
Unlimited Earnings - You Decide!
Get in on the ground floor!
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